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Our Lusitano Breeding Mission Statement

Cedar Rowe prides itself on a breeding program that focuses on attributes that select for offspring that will be competitive in the discipline of dressage. Our stallions, Jalfa and Tonico Do Top, have been selected from proven bloodlines of Veiga and Do Top. Both of these stallions have excelled in the Open Dressage Competitions with Reserve Championships. We have selected mares with a mixture of Alter Real, Andrade and some Veiga plus size of 15 h. to 16 h. Finally we strive to maintain the wonderful minds, disposition, courage, versatility and ride ability of this wonderful breed.



The Lusitano horse has been ridden for around 5,000 years. They are considered to be the oldest saddlehorse in the world. The breeding has been dominated for thousands of years on the ability as hunting and fighting horse. Now at the dawn of the 21st century, the Lusitano has become a versatile horse, whose gentleness, agility, and courage have made it much in demand as both a sport and leisure mount. the breed's predisposition for collected work makes it a natural for dressage. As for Working Equitation, which is open to all breeds, the Lusitano horse has excelled itself by winning four European Championships and the World Championship (team) title.


The Portuguese decided in the 1960's to establish their own registry, the Associacao Portuguesa De Criadores Do Pura Sangue Lusitano (APSL). The official institutionalization of the Lusitano Breed Studbook established a means of evaluating and selecting Lusitanos for registry in the Prua Sanque Lusitano (PSL) Studbook.

This is a painstaking selection process that provides detailed knowledge on bloodline lineage and allows for the perpetuation of the characteristics of the PSL Breed.




















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